add stuff from pros The curriculum at Holy Trinity C of E has been designed differently to many other curriculums. We have started from the premise that we know our pupils, know their needs and know our aspirations for them. First and foremost our curriculum has been designed to meet these requirements. Our core values and needs are listed below and our topics are designed to meet these requirements as well as ensuring that the National Curriculum is covered. Key features of our Curriculum: It promotes a love of learning and wider aspirations It is rich in speaking opportunities. It promotes a rich literacy heritage. It focuses upon pupils being numerate and able to apply these skills in different situations. It provides opportunities for using and applying ICT and computing skills. It develops in our pupils Growth Mindset and skills of risk taking, respect, resilience, reflectivity, responsibility and resourcefulness. It develops pupils awareness of their place in the world It ensures there are opportunities for pupils to learn beyond the classroom. It encourages parents to be involved in their child’s learning in a variety of ways. It involves pupils in the planning of curriculum topics in age appropriate ways. 2016 – 2018 Are planned in phase teams that enable maximum collaboration in their construction. Are memorable learning experiences that are based on individual subject skill development. Where knowledge is woven into the topics at age appropriate points that ensures pupils have a bank of facts that are useful to them as they develop an understanding of the world in which they live. Includes at least two trips each year. Are planned on a two-year cycle: Themes may be moved between half terms with in each cycle depending on best fit. (Following a review of our 2 year cycle in March 2016 we have decided to reduce the number of topics for 2016-18 from 6 to 5 and to make each topic 7 weeks long to overcome issues with unequal half term lengths and pressure points in the year. This will encourage further mastery of key skills and knowledge).
PSHE at Holy Trinity Rothwell - Whole School Curriculum Overview DRAFT
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